Contracts are not required for maintenance.

We maintain yards on a regular schedule from early spring (late February or early March) through the end of the holiday season, and then once monthly or as needed during the winter months.

We also officer annual contracts that, In addition to regular mowing, include the following services:

  • General trimming of plants and bed maintenance
  • Organic fertilizer X one application (link added below)
  • Leaf bagging
  • Blow gutters and roof (per customer request)

Under the contract, we visit weekly during the summer months, twice monthly in November and December, once in January, and as needed in the early spring months. Any tree trimming, mulching services, soil amendment, sodding services, etc. will be bid separately at fair market value.

Notes For Non-Contract Customers: Lawn maintenance includes mowing, edging, blow debris, and trimming hedges as necessary.

Leaves:  Trees shed their leaves twice annually in the winter and early spring months.  Unless otherwise instructed we gather leaves and place the bags curbside for the city to retrieve on trash day for $6 per bag or $7 per bag hauled away (if the schedule permits).  We provide our own city approved recyclable bags.

For projects where the time frame for completion is undetermined, such as weeding beds, we charge $110 per hour for labor.

We spread turkey compost for $92 per bag and use Ladybug Organic Fertilizer by Natural Gardener.  A link to the product is added below.

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