• Which services are included in an annual contract?

We mow, edge, trim hedges as necessary, weed beds by hand, and blow debris on a regular basis. During the mowing season (May – October) we will visit weekly, twice monthly in November and December, once in January, and at least twice a month from February through April. We also bag leaves as needed under the annual contract, spread organic fertilizer once annually, and blow off the roof and gutters per customer request. The contract is sent and agreed to electronically.

• Which services are not included in the annual contract?

Any tree trimming, planting services, soil amendment, or mulching services are not included in the annual contract and will be bid at fair market value per customer request.

• Is a contract required for service?

No. A contract is not required but we only maintain lawns on a regular schedule, weekly or bi-weekly. We do not service lawns on a one-time or as needed basis. Once the customer gives us their desired scheduled we will arrive to work until otherwise instructed in writing.

• Which services are included under regularly scheduled maintenance?

Under regular (non-contractual) maintenance, we mow, edge, trim hedges as necessary, and blow debris for a per visit fee.

• Are leaf removal services or pulling weeds by hand included with regular maintenance?

No. Items like bagging leaves or weeding beds are additional costs.  If the customer requests we will bag clippings or leaves and set the bags curbside for the city to retrieve on trash day for $6 per bag or $7 per hauled away (per availability). For items like weeding beds or planting services where the timeframe for completion is undetermined the charge is $110 per hour.

• What is the regular maintenance cancellation policy?

The maintenance schedule is made early each week. To cancel services for the week or indefinitely please email us within 24 hours of the estimated mowing date at customercare@northwestlawn.com or text at 512-695-9335. Cancellations or changes in service frequency must be submitted in writing.

• How much is the cost per visit for regular maintenance? Annual contract?

It depends on the size and condition of the yard but quotes are free.

• To which height are the mower blades set?

During the winter and spring months we set mower blade heights from 2.5” to 3”. We raise blade heights to 3.5” and above when afternoon temperatures reach into the mid-90s.

• How often are invoices sent and what forms of payment do you accept?

We invoice via regular mail or email once monthly. We accept payment in checks, all major credit cards, Paypal, Chase Quickpay, Clear Exchange, and others. There is a gateway located on this site where you can pay an invoice online using a major credit card.

• Do you have commercial insurance?

Yes, we have a commercial liability insurance policy and our workers are covered under a separate worker’s compensation policy.